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DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen

DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen

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The DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen is the perfect tool for students of all ages. This multi-functional magnetic pen has a unique design that allows it not only to be used as a writing tool, but also as a compass for geometry classes – or even as a fun fidget toy! With its 13 magnetic rings and 12 steel balls, you can put together creative shapes from swords and robots to monsters! Who said learning wasn’t fun?Make learning an enjoyable activity with our sturdy DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen! It comes with two stylus heads that can be used as both a gel pen and touch screen pen, making it ideal for studying, drawing and more. What’s more, this pack also comes with an instruction booklet and gift box so you can have timeless fun right out of the box! Let learning be something special with the DIY Magnetic Fidget Pen today. 



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