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Mini Coil Music Boxes

Mini Coil Music Boxes

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Our Mini Coil Music Box has two distinct functions: firstly, it can serve as an awesome science education tool for curious students. In addition to its spectacles of light, the box emits an electric itching sensation when touched that will help keep kids engaged while learning about electricity and physics theory. Secondly (and perhaps even cooler!), this product makes for an exceptional desktop decoration and conversation piece. Plug in the power and watch as our realistic artificial lightning produces a one of a kind display that no one else has! On top of everything else the Mini Coil Music Box comes with LED lights embedded in its surface that turn on when powered up – sure to add some extra dazzle to any room you put it in! 




Input Voltage: 48V
Arc Length: 0~8cm
Discharge Frequency: 5~50hz (lightning mode)
Plug: US (self matching conversion plug)
Power Supply Voltage: AC110-240V 50/60Hz
Host Size: About 90x90x33mm/3.54x3.54x1.21inch
Music Transmission Mode: Bluetooth-compatible, AUX audio input


Package Includes:
1 x Host 
1 x Discharge Pin 
2 x Atmosphere Lamp 
1 x Instruction Manual in English 

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